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FIDO APAC Summit 2023

FIDO APAC Summit 2023

August 28 – August 30

Silver Sponsor : TrustKey Solutions


The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a significant shift in the landscape of authentication methods, with a growing interest in passwordless solutions. Traditional password-based authentication methods have proven to be vulnerable to various threats, including phishing attacks, credential theft, and weak password practices. As a result, organizations in Asia Pacific are actively exploring and adopting passwordless authentication as a more secure and user-friendly alternative. The Asia Pacific identity and authentication market is expected to grow during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028.


The FIDO APAC Summit 2023 brought together industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, and government representatives from Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Australia, and South Korea to explore the latest developments and success stories in FIDO authentication.

In particular, Google seemed to be focusing on spreading Passkey by supporting it on Chrome and Android.




At this summit, TrustKey operated an exhibition booth to introduce the new model B210 and showcase TrustKey Login Solution and PIV.  In addition, we met with leading companies such as DTASIA Vietnam, VinCSS, and CySack to discuss potential partnerships, especially with VinCSS.

Through this event, we had the opportunity to introduce TrustKey solutions' FIDO technology and had a rich networking experience. 

#appleid #setup #ios Sep 06, 2023
Use Trustkey to sign into your Apple ID account on iPhone

About FIDO security keys

FIDO security keys for Apple ID are an optional security feature designed for people (such as celebrities, journalists, and members of government) who want extra protection from targeted attacks on their account, including phishing and social engineering scams.

A FIDO security key is a small third-party hardware device that you can connect to your iPhone and use to verify your identity when signing into your Apple ID account. The physical key replaces the six-digit verification codes normally used in two-factor authentication, which keeps this information from being intercepted or requested by an attacker.

Set up Trustkey

TrustKey is a FIDO security key that allows user authentication by touch or fingerprint. It has been designed to satisfy FIDO2 Level 2 certification requirments.


You need to set up at least two Trustkey so you can use one of them as a backup in case the other one is lost, damaged, or stolen. You can pair up to six keys with your account.

Ÿ   Go to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security.

Ÿ   Go to Security keys > Tap Add Security Keys, then follow the onscreen instructions. 



Sign into a device, website, or app using a Trustkey.

Ÿ When prompted, insert your Trustkey.

Ÿ​ Follow the onscreen instructions



Use a Trustkey to reset your Apple ID password.

If you forget your Apple ID password, you can use a Trustkey that’s paired with your account to reset it.

Ÿ   Go to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security. (If you aren’t already signed into your Apple ID account on your iPhone, first use your paired security key to sign in).

Ÿ   Tap Change Password, then follow the onscreen instructions.


Use a Trustkey to unlock your Apple ID

If you try unsuccessfully six times in a row to sign into your Apple ID account, or if your iPhone detects other signs of suspicious activity, you’ll receive an onscreen notification that your Apple ID is locked. You can use your Trustkey to unlock it.

Ÿ   Tap Unlock Account, then follow the onscreen instructions to unlock your Apple ID.

Ÿ   If you think your account might have been locked because someone else knows your password, tap Change Password and enter a new one.

Ÿ   Tap Done.


Remove security keys.

You can pair up to six Trustkey with your Apple ID. If you reach the limit and need to pair additional keys, you can remove one or more of your paired keys. You can replace keys you’ve removed at any time.

Ÿ   Go to Settings > [your name] > Password & Security.

Ÿ   Tap Security Keys.

Ÿ   To remove all keys, tap Remove All Keys, then tap Remove.

To remove individual keys, tap the ones you want to remove, then tap Remove Key.


Note: If you remove all Trustkey from a device, the device reverts to using six-digit verification codes for two-factor authentication. 

#Austria #G310H #gov Jul 24, 2023 announces support for TrustKey G310H security key, an interagency platform for immediate help and information on Austrian public administration information and issues, recently announced enhanced support for using FIDO2 security keys as MFA devices.
As a result, the TrustKey G310H security key is compatible and can be used with ID Austria.

Which FIDO security keys are compatible with ID Austria and where are they available?

Tokens that support FIDO2 Level 2 certified with WebAuthn can be used with ID Austria. This is currently fulfilled by:

• Trustkey G310H
• GoTrust Idem Key FIDO2
• Yubico Security Key NFC in schwarz (USB-A + NFC, USB-C + NFC)
• Yubico YubiKey FIPS Series (5 NFC FIPS, 5C NFC FIPS, 5C FIPS, 5 Nano FIPS, 5C Nano FIPS, 5Ci FIPS)

Common models usually offer connection via USB or NFC to your computer. They can be purchased in stores and can cost between 30 euros and 70 euros, depending on the model.
We recommend using them on the Windows operating system and using common browsers like Chrome or Firefox to ensure smooth operation.
An overview of FIDO2 support on operating systems and browsers can be found at

To order your TrustKey today, visit and start protecting your accounts with TrustKey as your ID Austria anti-phishing MFA.





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